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“There is much to commend this new entry in the Aussie horror catalogue, including its ability to be creepier than many of its big budget peers."
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“...is a remarkably effective piece of visual spookery, both atmospheric and blood-splattered, with lots of fog, an evocative script, and ghostly FX that rely on make-up rather than CGI...”
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“DAMNED BY DAWN is serious fun ... And you can’t knock a film with flying skeletons.”
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"... highly original and gushes a full dose of chills!"
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"...it's definitely my #1 Aussie movie of the year so far...it's slick, well paced, and dripping with atmospheric visuals. One of the most ambitious independent Aussie flicks since Undead! If nothing else it may be the foggiest movie ever made. There's fog here... fog there.... fog everywhere! John Carpenter's The Fog is virtually fogless by comparison. In fact, I'd go as far as to call this "Fog Porn".


Heeding the Banshee's call



A New Damned Dawns



Aussies Are Damned By Dawn


Going Down Under To Speak to Brett Anstey


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